White Gays ❤️❤️

literally no
one cares or is checking for you

you and your barely 1k followers can go fall down a ditch and literally no one would care about you because no one does and no one will

reasons why i dont like you are because you steal my friends and turn them against me with your act. you’re such a little shit. it doesn’t matter what happens it’s always about you and everyone always follows your act and it’s so annoying im just ugh whatever

i have the lowest self esteem and you’re going to fuck with that? cool cool im just gonna drown in whatever left over self esteem i have

seirously being friends with gays is literally the worst thing ever like please im so fucking done why are you goingto go talk to a guy you obviously know i like? why are you going to go and get involved with that shit??!?!?!?! like are you seriously fucking kidding me right now? like ugh whatever fuck it i knew i shoudldn’t jhave made friends

how about you stop being a fucking whore

i guess i just want a boy to like me

someone just complimented my penis thanks urs is pretty great too

i really just kind of want to cry and never wake up

lol this whole thing is hilarious

like boy you’re dating a 15 year old boy …… that’s like dating a freshmen you’re a sophomore in college please like do you not see the problem with that? the maturity level for one is the worst thing in the world….. and then you live in florida and he lives in another continent….. like ok whatever i guess. it’s just so funny to me.